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My #1 tip for all new embroiderers is – THREAD STAND! 


No, really, seriously (and trust me many more tips will be coming – soon) but this one is going to save you SO much time, hassle, and pain …




Seriously, $15 is going to save you SO much time and anguish. 


Here, go get this NOW (if you haven’t already) 



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  1. If you have more than one single needle embroidery machine, you seriously may want to get a second thread stand.

    The reason? Some threads are Satan’s grandkids – that brand/color/fiber (cough – metallic is an example – cough) will NOT go tamely from the spool pin through the thread guides even if you do sacrifice a coal black rooster at midnight while dancing naked with your machine’s screwdriver in one hand and a string of bobbins around your neck.

    You will want at least one thread stand to use to tame the thread a bit. Metallic thread or some other brands that need their space – so that the thread has a long space to use to dance and to shake the spiraling kinks out as the thread makes its way to the machine – these threads want to be further away from the machine (because it needs its space, man). You want the second thread stand close enough to the machine that it keeps the thread ABOVE the level of the handwheel (that round thing on the right side). You do NOT want the thread to dance too close to the handwheel while “shaking the kinks out” & get sucked into it and wound onto the handwheel. It will end badly – after sucking up & wasting a lot of thread…if the handwheel stops turning or pops out of place at a tilt, it’s too late.

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