The Love/Hate Relationship with Janomes

my Janome users:

A lot has been said today (and in the past) about Janomes that can be construed as negative. I am not harshing on your machine. Okay, that’s a lie. I kind of am BUT I love YOU and if you love your (fucking) Janome than I am there for you, girl.

For those that don’t Janome or are new to Janome, here is why I am not absolutely in love with them (and the source of much angst and vinegar on my part)

  1. They don’t auto rotate to read your pattern. ALL patterns have to be in portrait orientation when loaded on the machine or the machine will flat out not read it. All other machines have 3 lines of code that do an x y axis check. If the x is to wide, the machine code flips it to check if it is a landscape pattern that needs to be read AS portrait and then just rotates it for you. Janome won’t even let you load it to rotate it with the built in controls if it was saved as landscape design.
  2. Older Janomes will not even load a pattern file if the name is longer than 9 characters and/or has spaces or special characters. You have to rename anything longer than 9 letters to something shorter to even get it to load.
  3. If you use the .dst on your Janome (and some prefer this – .dst is a machine universal) the Janome will automatically drop all the cut jump commands (if your machine is supposed to cut jumps)

So, I tend to get a LOT more customer emails (and pms and posts) from Janome owners than all the other brands put together and that makes me a little grumpy at the Janome brand (not the Janome owners).

Problem 1 can be fixed with software OR you can wait until I get the email and have a hot minute to hook you up but I know it is aggravating to have bought something and want to use it RIGHT NOW and have to wait for me to be at a computer. Or worse, have to spend MORE money to buy stupid software (BTW I HIGHLY recommend Embrilliance Essentials – works natively on Mac without Bootcamp, Parallels or having to partition and does A LOT of great things. No, they don’t pay me, damnit)

Problem 2 is stupid simple to fix IF you know about it. Just rename it once you unzip it BUT a LOT of people don’t know.

Problem 3 is just a pain in the ass.

So there, there is why when someone is having a file read problem my first question is “Janome?” It’s not because I hate my Janome users, just the opposite in fact, you be brave brave girls for putting up with all this. It’s because I want my universe to work smoothly and apparently Janome was put here JUST.TO.THWART.MY.PLANS!!!!!!

Here is the FB fan group thread on Janomes that contains a LOT of good user information:


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