Unearth Spooky Savings at String Theory Fabric Art’s Crypt Day SALE!

Hello boils and ghouls,

I’m thrilled to see you claw your way into the chilling depths of String Theory Fabric Art’s Crypt Day SALE! This is no ordinary stitch in time – it’s a stitch in spine-tingling terror and terrific discounts! If you’ve been stitching to sink your fangs into a new embroidery project, now’s your chance, because we’re slashing prices by a ghoulish 66% on all orders over $10! But beware, these savings are so good, they’re to die for!

Just like a spider weaving its web of fear, I’ve spun together an eerie collection of machine embroidery patterns that are bound to send shivers down your spine. Whether you’re into cute and cuddly critters or prefer designs that give a little fright in the night, our selection will make your creative cauldron bubble with excitement. From wicked witches to haunted houses, it’s all here, waiting for you to bring it to life – or should I say, to the afterlife of fabrics?

Don’t let this graveyard smash of a sale pass you by! From August 31 to September 4, you’ll have the chance to possess these spine-chilling savings. It’s as if I’m offering you a key to your very own embroidery crypt! Just use code “CRYPT23” at checkout to summon the disc0unt and watch your order total vanish like a ghostly apparition.

So, my devious darlings, let’s sew the seeds of spooky creativity together during this bone-rattling sa13. Whether you’re an embroidery enthusiast or just dying to try something new, String Theory Fabric Art has you covered. Remember, the only thing that should be unraveling is your thread – not your excitement for these frightfully good deals!

Happy stitching, and remember: If you thought the tales were twisted, wait until you see what you create with our patterns.

Creep it real,

“Reaper” Riqui
String Theory Fabric Art

P.S. Hurry, before these savings vanish into the abyss – mark your calendar and join the horror show starting August 31st!


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