Get Stuffed – the drop for Monday, September 11

Today’s STFA drop is all about the stuffings!
Feeling full?
There’s always room for S-T-U-F-F-I-E-S!!!
(hmmmm – that pitch didn’t go the way I planned. Oh well!)
And after you’re fully stuffed, grab a book off the new and fantabulous BOOKSHELF (fully lined zip bag) grab a cup o’ your favorite and settle in on your new awesome MUG RUG, and thing about how full and complete this drop is!

So come check out all the awesome!

Bookshelf Appliqué Fully Lined Zip Bag 

D20 Mug Rug

Star Battles Good Team Logo Mug Rug

Stand Mixer Fob

8 Bit Godzilla Stuffie

Floof & Beans Orange Cat Carrot Stuffie

Chibi Alligator Stuffie

Chibi Dinosaur Stuffie 

Chibi Dolphin Stuffie

Chibi Feline Female Villain Stuffie 

Spell Academy Chibi Owl Stuffie



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