Is this a liferaft I see?

As many in the STFA Fan Group well know, the last 3 months I mean 6 months, I mean YEAR (oye!) has been filled with ups and downs. If you want a FULL recap of the circus, I can do a blog under the “About Riqui” blogging tab, just let me know.

ANYWAY — it looks like things are getting back to my lopsided interpretation of “normal” and we’re back to Monday drops with a sale even every 6 to 8 weeks or so. One thing that I have been thinking about changing is the trigger for the BIG SALES. We’ll keep the 25% to 50% off sales as Geek Holidays or just because I feel like it but we normally to the 65% to 75% BIG SALES when we hit a fan group milestone (increments of 1,000.) Given the death of Facebook traffic because of  a) Meta playing with the algorithm and b) people just going and getting a life, the BIG SALES are no longer happening every 3-4 months but more like every 8 to 14 months. 

So I come to you – what are YOUR IDEAS  on when and how to trigger the BIG SALES? 

Drop me a comment and let me know! 

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  1. No idea, just wanted to let you know someone from the STFA FB Fan group has popped in to read them. I appreciate having a little bit of breathing room between sales, so I feel less guilty about my UFO pile.

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