Hoop Measurements AKA – I can’t Math!! AKA stupid standard VS  Why didn’t I ever learn metric?!

Get Stuffed – the drop for Monday, September 11

Today’s STFA drop is all about the stuffings!Feeling full?There’s always room for S-T-U-F-F-I-E-S!!!(hmmmm – that pitch didn’t go the way I planned. Oh well!)And after you’re fully stuffed, grab a book off the new and fantabulous BOOKSHELF (fully lined zip bag) grab a cup o’ your favorite and settle in on your new awesome MUG […]

Unearth Spooky Savings at String Theory Fabric Art’s Crypt Day SALE!

Hello boils and ghouls, I’m thrilled to see you claw your way into the chilling depths of String Theory Fabric Art’s Crypt Day SALE! This is no ordinary stitch in time – it’s a stitch in spine-tingling terror and terrific discounts! If you’ve been stitching to sink your fangs into a new embroidery project, now’s […]

Oye! This last year …

So I started writing this post right after my ride and it went on … and on … and 3 pages later I was like “WTF, woman!” So now I am sitting on it and reconsidering and rethinking and OBVIOUSLY I do not know how to blog properly. Or (more likely) I have issues “opening […]